Getting distracted

Hi ladies! Today has been a good day so far. I’m getting some things accomplished that I need to get done. I had to improvise emailing homeschooling related stuff that I always use an app that we pay for and for awhile has been crashing every time on my laptop. Discovered yesterday it is no longer compatible on it. Awesome and quite frustrating. I just typed them in email drafts instead hoping to use my phone to still use the same app there. Of course when I go to do it this morning it just wouldn’t paste properly. Fuuuuuuuun! In the end I still got things done just not how I prefer. But, got it done.

Several times today my kids have been needing things. It happens, not a big deal. What is a big deal to me though is I was apparently half listening and answering things. My poor son told me several times so far that he did ask or tried to do something and said my response. Ugh, I hate when that happens.

I used to just get annoyed with my kids and say I don’t remember that. However, I know I do that and much more than I like. It is way better now thankfully but I still have a good amount of growth to go. Most moms I know don’t react so well when these moments happen sometimes.

I know exactly why I answered and gave directions half heartedly. I WAS DISTRACTED by what I needed to do. I never intend to only half listen. Yes, I needed to get done what I was doing. I wasn’t even in middle of it for some of the conversations. There really is no good reason in those moments to not just slow down and make our brains focus. Sometimes it is HARD.

If I had just slowed down and focused better than I had been during those conversations other things I needed to do would have actually been easier. He was trying to help me out. I have had a little frustration trying to get some things done today but it has been a good day and would have gone even smoother if I focused a little bit more.

I often think so much on how a lot of our distractions don’t need to have our brains going in all the directions they do. We don’t need to get frazzled so much of the times we do. I am not frazzled today, just was frustrated with what I had to do and it was being a pain and I was distracted with it. Even in those moments I would rather just stop and slow down. It always feels better and the next time is often easier.

Let’s switch gears just a little… what else distracts us? What else do we let get in the way of engaging with others better and not half paying attention? TV? Phones and other electronics? Video games? Reading a good book? Work? Hobbies? The list can go on and on. Every single one of us will do this from time to time. Hopefully it gets less and less.

It can be easy to get distracted. Especially when we just want to finish something or have a moment of peace.

I think I need to pay better attention to when I should stop and slow down and focus much better than I sometimes do. There are times when you have to do whatever something is or kids should be leaving you alone. Of course. That’s life too. But I have to admit to myself that it isn’t necessary every time I do it.

Something good to be working on for sure. I think most of us could probably do better with this. I hope I do better next time.

Today is a good day and I’m glad I had to think about this to make some more changes. Growth is good!

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  1. I definitely had a frazzled day! Yes narrowing in on what is distracting us from being fully engaged with our loved ones is so important and yet so hard at times! Thank you for the reminder to keep going!

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