Till you can’t….. would you be satisfied?

Good morning! I hope all of you are having a good day. This week has a lot that I want to get done and worked on as well. I even started my very first amigurmi pattern that I am creating from pictures. I have always doubted myself thinking that would never happen, but I am! I have another project that I have been working on for awhile now that is a first for me too, this one has made me beyond frustrated but I am very happy that I pushed through it all. Won’t be long now before that is done. A big snow storm is supposed to come this week too so preparing for that just in case. We haven’t had much yet so I am looking forward to it and hope it isn’t bad.

So, have you watched the music video for Cody Johnson’s “Till you can’t”? If you haven’t, go, right now and watch it. Even if you don’t listen to that genre or watch videos like that. GO. What is in that video is what my topic today about. This has been on my heart for a long time when it comes to relationships.

The phone call scene in that video chokes me up every time! That is what I am going to focus on mostly. It is powerful and this momma can feel what that momma is feeling! It is that powerful when you see something you can relate to. The young man in it doesn’t look that much older than our son, if he even is older. It hits me. Makes me think and beyond just what if that were my son or daughter or husband that died suddenly? Honestly it gets to me just thinking about that.

Till you can’t…. that is a powerful statement. Many of us and I daresay all of us get caught up in our lives and pretty much let way too much time pass sometimes where we don’t connect with or make time for those we care about. Even if it is only from time to time or just a season. But we do it.

If you got THAT call or text about a loved one or a friend who suddenly was gone, would you be satisfied with your efforts towards them? I feel like most of us could get better at that. I know I sometimes do poorly with this. Naturally I am someone who even when I am being blown off by friends and family and ignored sometimes for VERY long periods of time, I still try to at least from time to time send a text checking in on them letting them know I am thinking for them, praying for them and hope everything is going well. It used to bother me a lot being ignored, it still does a little bit but some things finally clicked at some point. I no longer take it quite so personal.

Either way, do we get so caught up in our lives that we don’t make that effort because we are busy? Man, life can feel so crazy at times and like a never ending list of things to do. Sometimes it feels like so many want a piece of our attention or help or whatever else it is. It can get overwhelming. However, we can make it a priority to listen to wise words… Proverbs 18:24 “A man that has friends must show himself friendly and there is a friend that sticks closer than a brother.” This can apply to family as well, not just friends. It is all about how we treat others.

Something that I have had to grasp that was kinda hard for me was not everyone we can hang out with and get along with, even well are friends. There are different levels. People you know and get along with, acquaintances and then friends. We don’t have to force friendships. We don’t have to be close with everyone we know. People who do want that with you will make that effort. If they don’t or you don’t, that is ok. It is unrealistic to make absolutely everyone you know a close friend. We don’t have to either. But, being honest about where friends and family relationships are is a good start. If it blossoms into more that is awesome.

Would you be satisfied with how you were towards people if you got that call? Would you be satisfied that you spent time scrolling on social media or binge watching a show when you could have sent a hello or picked up the phone and called them to check in on them since you haven’t talked in a long time. Sometimes this takes sacrifice, but that is what a priority is, something you are willing to sacrifice something else for to take the time to do.

This applies big time to families, kids, parents, spouses, do you take the time to do things together, talk and just have a real relationship. We all can get busy and just want to be left alone and not feel like yet another thing to do. Far too many of us are looking at screens way to much. I hate how I feel when I do it.

Things we truly care about we generally take time for. Even with those we truly love and are really close with we can sometimes say another time, I just can’t find the time, later we will talk or hang out. What happens when they are no longer there? Isn’t it worth putting the phone down and engaging your kids and spouse more frequently? Isn’t it worth going and seeing someone you are close with instead of mindless entertainment? I am not saying ALWAYS do this, we do need down times and we do need to prioritize our families first and certain other things must be taken care of or done.

This is where self care also comes in. Personally, I can’t stand this term anymore. It has turned into an idol. Everywhere you see say no, put yourself first, don’t text back, don’t make that call, don’t do this, that or the other thing, take care of you. Of course there are times we really need to say “No, I can’t”, “I am burned out and just not up for”. Of course, it is completely unrealistic to always be there ready to do anything at a moments notice. Of course the principle of self care is something we all need! We shouldn’t be stretching ourselves so thin that we burn out and are not ok. People do need to be understanding. It is ok to say no and it is ok to not want to do something. It is perfectly fine to wait to text someone back. That is not at all what I am talking about. It took me forever to be able to tell anyone no. It was very hard for me to prioritize myself in a way that didn’t burn me out. Now self care has turned into using that to always put yourself FIRST. Even before your husband and children. You can see it in so many posts, comments, ads, discussions, it is everywhere. We are constantly told to do what we want to do and don’t worry about anyone else. You’re tired so your husband and kids can wait…. for how long?

We do need to put certain things first when it comes to ourselves and families. Some situations and seasons make it just so hard or just so draining to be how we probably do want to be. There are times you can be struggling so much and may have trouble functioning and on autopilot. But, at the very least thinking about how we would feel if we found out we just lost someone we do care about would help us decide if we could put in that little bit more of an effort. I know sometimes I can improve. We all appreciate when someone makes that effort for us, we could do the same and realistically.

What are some ways we could make that effort, till we can’t?

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