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Staying in date night idea with your hunny

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Hello sweet sisters! We know that making our marriage a priority and taking the time to connect with our spouse is quite important. I would like to give an idea that you may already do. These types of dates have become common place for us. I REALLY love what one of our last little date here was, I planned on in living room but discovered his preference is our room. We have set up our room in a way that this works and is a great atmosphere. I am grateful that was made a priority. I can share things we have done to make that a much better atmosphere. Little things but makes a big difference. We try to do different things to mix it up, after what will be 20 years of marriage later in the year, I am pretty pleased it is a priority.

The point is to connect so do what is reasonable for your situation to disconnect from distractions.

After the kids have gone to bed (at least in bed for the night and hopefully stay there) set up a blanket on the floor of your living room or whatever else want to do, or whatever room works best. Get out things like candles, wine glasses, wine, dessert, meal made or ordered in, pillows, cushions or anything else that is preferred for you two. Spread it out and just enjoy each others company. The point is to just BE together. (might have to get creative, adjusting some of it based on ages, ability to just walk out of rooms for little ones and etc) Enjoy some quiet time and connect over a cute little romantic date in for the evening. Take your time and if possible don’t worry about how long there. Just enjoy your time and connecting.

Women, keep your mind focused on the two of you. If the kiddos interrupt, you two can go deal with it in a decent mood and then go back to your date. I remember doing things like this and getting upset sometimes at the interruptions. We don’t need to. It happens. Connecting for however short a time is still connecting is much more preferable and better than never doing it.

Don’t forget to have fun too, slow down your brain and that to do list! I need that reminder too from time to time getting myself caught up in the day to day and also getting distracted and I always am not happy with myself for that. Let him still sweep you off your feet!

Until next time!

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