Sabbath prep tips and Memory Verse Craft fun

Hey sweet ladies! I pray you will have a truly productive and peaceful prep day! Welcome to my first Forethought Friday post! I hope it is helpful and that you and the kiddos give the craft fun ideas a try!

You would think that when you have been prepping for Shabbat for so long that you’d have it down and never struggle with it after some point. Yeah.. not so much. I know that especially during the early years I expected it to just fall into this beautiful graceful dance. So unrealistic. Life happens and we put expectations on ourselves that are just not realistic.

So, something that I think will be helpful is make a priority list of what you would like to have completed for Shabbat. Over time, you might notice that the list shortens.

After you make that list, break it up over the week or however many days you would like. It doesn’t all have to be done on the Shabbat Prep day.

I hope this helps. The less overwhelming it is the more we can enter Shabbat with our minds at ease and actually be able to rest and connect better with our Creator and family.

So.. here are two links for crafts to make with your kids for this weeks Memory Monday Verse Matthew 6:33. If the kids are too little, you can write it out and they just decorate, color and help make. So have fun making a crown and a scroll!–a–crown-coloring-page/?epik=dj0yJnU9R0tUNE5vdGYtRHUyQ2lWZzMxaEM4c3BjWF9wdkdUcFEmcD0wJm49enhXeEUyLUdJdlNKOFBmOVZsTkZWZyZ0PUFBQUFBR0lNOVc4

Until next time!

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