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Take time to play

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Greetings Ladies! May you have a truly blessed day.

Welcome Wednesday is here! Today I would like to inspire a couple ideas for good family time.

Play and have fun!

Play games together as a family. It can be so much fun! Charades, pictionary, board games, card games, outdoor games… any can be such a great time!

Build forts and tents together inside or outside. Those times can get so silly and be crazy interesting! Kids love reading with flashlights in them too.

It really doesn’t matter what you do together. Just play! It builds lasting, fond memories you all can look back on. Don’t worry about the mess made or other things that need to get done. Take this time for each other. That is time well spent.

So get out your games, get out supplies, make your own even and just spend some wonderful quality time together.

These are even great date night idea with your hubby!

Connection with your loved ones is the point so enjoy!

Until next time!

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