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Chocolate Covered Toffee and an Update

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Greetings ladies. I am getting to this late in the day but I am sitting here listening to a podcast as I work on this.

Welcome to Sumptuous Sunday and this recipe is a good one for The Feast of Unleavened Bread. It is an absolute favorite of ours and we go through tons of it during the Feast. I took a picture of the recipe I use. It certainly looks worn but is proof that I use it a lot for that week each year.

Sometimes I use Andes Candies chocolate. Boy is that yummy!

I hope this is something you and your family can grow to love as well.


So I am making some changes to how I do things in regards to my crafting and allowing Yah to use me with Heart of a Torah Woman. Personally I am am still trying to figure out what to call it. After much prayer and discussing with my husband I am making some changes to what I do. A crafting business the way I was trying to do it isn’t where I am being led in the way I thought. I still will be crafting however, just differently and I am most ok with that!

I have all kinds of things going through my mind that I am praying about. It is pretty exciting! I might adjust my weekly roundup and how I will approach it to be in obedience to Yah’s will.

I can be also be found on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram and The Torah Network. Considering other platforms and also what to phase out.

My podcast can also be found on Anchor, Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. I will be turning what I write into podcasts and podcasts I make I will turn into writing. I don’t want some to miss out on content they would like to see or hear because they don’t use that particular method.

I have set up a rumble account for this that I started and more to come on that soon. Videos on Rumble is still being prayed about for direction. There are other things thinking and praying about as well.

Any prayers would be appreciated. I am truly excited and pray that these things bring glory and praise to Yah while blessing you!

Until next time!

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