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Resetting what I do and I am on fire!

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Good morning ladies. I know I have been quiet compared to what I had planned. I am getting caught up with things in my home and trying to figure out how to get some craft projects done for people who ordered from me. I have stretched myself too thin with that. I have a couple projects that have been harder than I expected. The one would be so much easier if I had someone here with me to work on it with me. I knit, crochet and sew. Sewing is what I do the least of and boy oh boy, what a project and yet it should have been easier for me. I will complete it though. I also had some personal things externally a few months ago that for a little while was hard on me. Yah is faithful and got me through it, Praise Him! I haven’t gotten back into my crafting mode since. They aren’t even related and yet it affected it. Sigh, how frustrating. Trying to figure out exactly what Yah wants me to do for His will sometimes is a process. I am getting it and I realized I was putting my will into building crafting. I know I am supposed to be doing something with these talents and especially serving His people with them and I know my Titus 2 work is a bigger part of His will. Managing everything has been a challenge. I have a bad habit of overcommitting and crafting is a big one I can do that with.

I am excited for what Yah is doing in my life and how He is using me. I am on fire for what is to come! However, my family and my life must come first. Those are my first responsibilities and priorities. So if I have to go quiet for a little while I will but rest assured, I will be keeping this up! Yah is so good!

So as I figure out how to balance and do what I am supposed to do I will be putting some posts up and trying to get my craft projects done in the meantime.

I have lots of content in the works and also ask for you all to send in what you would like to see as well. I love hearing from you ladies and love building community!

So I haven’t gone anywhere and will not be continuing to stay so quiet. Refocusing and balancing better helps me to be of better use to others as well.

Thank you for visiting my little corner of the internet and those of you I am getting to know, I appreciate it and am enjoying it!

This week Yah willing will come an important post about How To Stop Yelling At Your Husband and Kids. It can be overcome and shouldn’t be happening. You’ve got this! I used to have this horrible problem and Yah helped me overcome it! I know how to do it and I want to pass it on to you!

Until next time!

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