Good morning ladies! What a glorious day it is, simply because God has made it. We can make this day however we want. Even through hardships, uncertainty and fear all around. What a beautiful blessing to have the Creator of the universe guiding us through!

Some days are harder than others. When have littles it can get stressful, lonely and feel super busy. Some days the bathroom is a place where we can just hide for a minute. From the noise, what feels like chaos and someone always needing a piece of us.

Siblings can be great friends and yet still get on each other’s nerves and in turn drive us mommas crazy. My two had their moments yesterday and I was like yeah knock it off you are driving ME nuts. Yet it was a very good day even through them bugging and annoying each other on occasion throughout the day. I had to stop a few times and not allow myself to get to a point of getting mad or cranky myself. It really didn’t matter and I didn’t need to get going too. It was just normal things families can do sometimes. When they got going I reminded them of some things and required them to stop and treat each other better. It was just over dumb things. How many times do we do that too, insert face palm and shaking of head. I know I do.

How we handle things and our perspective makes a huge difference in how our day goes. Our kids are amazing and so well behaved the vast majority of the time. Extend grace and mercy yet teach in those moments. Our reactions can make or break a day too. Let’s just say I have failed many a time in that department too. We want grace, mercy, forgiveness, patience… you know all the things we hope others and our Creator extend to us when we are being less than loving and having our moments… remember to stop, take a moment and extend those very same things for our loved ones.

Instead of getting cranky or whatever else we can be let’s keep perspective in mind and remember all the glorious blessings God has given us and look to Him to help us be more like Him and His Son.

Perspective makes or breaks days, what will be ours?

Until next time!

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