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We have so much influence

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Ladies would you like your husband to lead your families in a bigger way that is pleasing to God?

Our conduct is how we win them over and we have so much influence over our husbands. We can encourage them to rise to the occasion or we can deflate them.

Stop and please consider some reasons why men have abdicated leading… there are many factors to this. Please give them understanding as encouragement as well, they are learning just like we are constantly learning how to fulfill our roles too. I can’t even count how many times I have fallen flat on my face and grateful for the understanding I received.

When we say we want them to lead we really need to mean it and then allow them to.

Win them over by working on how we conduct ourselves.

Why don’t you join me in praying for them? Let’s pray for them to respond to what we can do to help them rise to Godly leading by having beautiful conduct that encourages them while also using our words gently and wisely. Why don’t we also pray for ourselves to be the best we can be to inspire and encourage the very things that glorifys God in our marriages.

We complement each other and there is always room for growth. So let’s pray and focus on these things. We can use our influence for the better 🙏😁 in the end love wins.

Until next time!

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