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You belong and can do all things through Yeshua Who strengthens us

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Good morning sweet ladies! I’m sitting here watching the weather channel and thinking about all the things I have struggled with and all the things I know other ladies have been going through too. One of my favorite verses is Isaiah 43:1. We are His and have been redeemed ❤️🙏 Halleluyah!

Good sisterhood in Yeshua around a lovely tea time would be awesome

Today I hope to encourage you from my little corner of the internet. I wish I could sit with you all in an old Victorian style sitting room with a cozy crackling fire going in the fire place. A lovely tea set and one of those tiers full of goodies would be a must 😁😍. Oh the inspiration, encouragement and friendships that could be developed that way. Maybe one day! Imagine the amazing fellowship and fun we could have. Something I kinda geek out about haha. Good conversation and friendships are glorious.

When we follow Yah and make that decision to believe in and follow Yeshuas’s steps that is only the beginning! It is glorious to have been called and redeemed by the Creator of the universe! Our Savior gave Himself up quite literally in living His life teaching and being the absolute best example of righteous living humanity has ever seen, right through to the moment He gave up His spirit. They love and care about us wanting only the best for us. They want to us make it and to be able to tell us “Well done!”

They knew we couldn’t walk exactly the best way at every moment. We needed our Savior. He came for sinners… not one person ever not qualified to be called a sinner. We will still be sinners for our entire lives striving to continually do better and less and less hopefully.

We do not now have as a result to following Him have zero struggles, bad attitudes, rebelliousness, addictions, unforgiveness, grudges, crankiness, meanness , contentiousness or what ever else we can think of at the moment. We all have different areas that we truly do struggle with more often than we like to admit and some of it may only be from time to time. No one’s struggles and problems makes them worse than anyone else. We all have our own struggles and sins to whatever degree we do. Sin is sin and we all needed the Savior. I know there is a lot more to this, just pointing out we all have our own sin throughout our lives so don’t look down on others.

Hopefully in time, through dying to our old self daily, prayers, Bible study, having good righteous mentors and friends and the many other things we can do to help that it gets easier. He will help us and sometimes it can take longer than we are comfortable with to get through or overcome whatever it is. Lean into Him! Remember we have to grow the fruits of the Spirit within us and that doesn’t automatically happen.

Some reading this may struggle with addictions of many different kinds. This includes drugs, alcohol, sex, food, and our phones… yes our phones! Addictions are not only “bigger sins” we think of. They are all different and the consequences vary. Pray for whatever void someone may be trying to fill is filled with things of Yah. May they replace them with His help.

Someone who struggles with sins doesn’t make them uncaring and not “worthy” to walk for Him. We all sin and we need to support each other when a fellow believer struggles. Even if all you do is pray. Prayer avails much. So many are trapped in sin and want to get rid of it entirely. Change sometimes takes a lot of time. The cycle of sin can be such a process to improve lives. Some have been stuck in for decades. What better way than to cover each other in sweet savoring prayers to our Father?

Supporting each other does not mean enabling things shouldn’t. Accountability helps and sometimes drastic steps need to be taken. May Yah grant discernment.

We all have our moments and seasons we are less than proud of. Maybe even ashamed of. BUT He takes it all away and doesn’t hold it against us. Repentance is such a gift He has given us. He does Forgive us! Face those things, repent, dust yourself off and try again. Each time we resist temptation and slow down and choose to do or handle something differently it brings growth. Sometimes we take steps back. Those times can feel pretty rotten. Don’t give up! Keep moving forward. Even when you are falling short a lot. Keep working at it. Be willing to apologize if need to and strive to do better. You have got this lady!

Falling short does not make us unworthy and a horrible person. Don’t let any thoughts or things said to you about being lousy, worthless, terrible, and struggling to stop doing something get in the way. Every victory you gain is something to remind yourself of. Yah will help you bring that victory over sin. One day victory will be over everything and we all long for that day!

You do belong here following Him! Never give up and always keep in mind Yah works everything towards good. Don’t stay stuck. You don’t have to!

You can do all things through Yeshua Who strengthens you! I think of this often. May we never forget this.

You are valuable to our Father 🙏 not one of us is more valuable than another.

Keep in mind that the Shepherd leaves the 99 to go after that 1 sheep! Halleluyah!!!

You are seen and loved! Praise Yah!

Until next time

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  1. RachelE. Avatar

    Well said, my friend!

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