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Good moring ladies! Today I would like to create a spot were it makes it easier to find me on social media and contacting me. I love hearing from you! Don’t forget to send in topics you would like to see, recipes you love, any tips, ideas and etc you would like to share with other ladies in their own walk in a Titus 2 manner. It can include any aspect of life. I love hearing about planning tips that are adaptable to work for others, homemaking, marriage, homeschooling, Bible Study, raising teenagers, the list goes on and on. I can’t wait to see your messages and emails!

Don’t forget that my email is or you can also click on the contact button. I also don’t mind getting messages on the social media I use from you ladies.

All of them I use Heart of a Torah Woman as the Profile Name but I list the @ below and the links as I can find them.

*this list has changed, I am no longer using all the social media accounts that i was

Instagram @heartofatorahwoman

Facebook @heartofatorahwoman

The Torah Network @heartofatorahwoman

YouTube link is below. If you still would like to subscribe here is the link. I have started uploading videos again so I hope you enjoy them! More to come. So exciting!

Until next time!

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