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On the days you are overwhelmed , scared, anxious or anything else that steals your peace…

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Good morning sweet sisters. April snow is something else. I looked forward to snow in winter… did spring miss the memo that winter is over lol? I’m sure it will be gone quickly though. Oh well, it happens 😊

How many of us have times we need to really just be still?

We are from all walks of life. Life can feel crushing at times. Other time is doesn’t feel like that but it still can be difficult even when it is a little bit. If someone has anxiety it can be so much worse. When someone doesn’t have someone else to support them whether a spouse or a friend that can make it that much harder. Supporting each other in the hard moments of life is a gift and blessing to others and to ourselves.

God sees you. He knows you. There is something he does want you to feel.


His peace

He wants us to be in a peaceful state of mind. Not overwhelmed, worried, anxious, scared or whatever else it is that steals peace from us. For some this can be much harder to obtain.

When you have these moments pray and ask Him to remove whatever it is that is blocking peace. Ask Him to fill you with His peace. Focus your mind on things Above. Bring to mind scripture that can comfort you and help you focus on Who He is and what He does for us. Open your Bible and search for verses that apply to whatever you need help with. Look up hope and peace as word study to see all the verses that are there. Read them. If you have a husband or a friend that you can be comforted by and helped brought out of it by talk to them. A good friend will not help you stay stuck in these moments. They will give an ear if that is all you need but they will also be able to discern when you need to be told to snap out of it (not always perfectly so give grace).

There is no shame in having times struggling. There are many examples in the Bible of Yah and others showing some pretty amazing moments of compassion and love. God knew we would have these moments and wants to show you and others show you love and compassion. He also wants you to feel peace and sometimes we just need a little bit of love, compassion,care and concern to help that start to be overcome. Lecturing someone struggling is not helpful. How do we feel when we get lectured, put down and criticized because we are experiencing very human emotions. Someone struggling needs to be shown these things. This is where showing encouraging, uplifting and other verses that apply to those who could use them when we know is so good.

We also need to be showing these very things to ourselves when we are having our moments. Try to slow down, think more rationally if that applies, pray and get into our Bibles. Reach out to husband or someone else to chat if needed. This is part of how we edify and uplift each other.

There is a reason Yah says blessed are the peacemakers. I like to think this applies to so many aspects in life. Are we helping others to find peace in their lives and are we helping ourselves do the very same things to find peace for ourselves?

Try to figure out why these moments come and work on them getting less and less over time. It takes work but it can happen. Surround yourself with people who will cheer you on and who will help hold you accountable in the moments needed. Be that kind of person too.

May you be filled with His peace ❤️🙏

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  1. RachelE. Avatar

    Even David suffered from depression and anxiety. He called out for Yah so many times. He always had faith that even if He didn’t pull him out of the trial, He would still be there.

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