Encouragement and a new rumble video complication

Encouragement goes a long way

When you are struggling and feel like you are drowning in a sea of littles and all that comes with it, maybe this can encourage you. I remember how hard it was having littles and trying to get everything done. I cried in the bathroom when no one could see like many other moms still do and did. We don’t need to put so much pressure on ourselves. It is only a season. God sees you and you are valuable. I wrote this awhile ago and pray it blesses you.

Overwhelm is a powerful feeling, choose what will take priority. What will be will be. We don’t have to do it all every day. Realistic standards will help so much. And don’t forget to take care of yourself! You matter too and need to do that.

Other writings I have done go with this closely too…I will add their links below.. there are more and you can check them out.

This is also a podcast where Anne From Homeschooling Torah and I give encouragement to wives and moms which you may find helpful too. It is on many platforms

This one is about our identity and what we choose to call ourselves. This can speak to all wives and moms for much of it, not just SAHMs


May you surround yourself with people who will support and cheer you on and may you be that for others! Life gets hard and when we lean into God he wants to help us through. Go to Him and follow our Messiah steps. Prayer, Bible study and good people around us is what we need.

Here is a new video that is 12:51. I had fun making this compilation too.


Until next time!

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