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Kindness is what she is known for

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In words and in deeds

Kindness is what we should be known for. It starts within our own families. Just be kind to everyone you meet.

That woman you saw who looks like she is falling apart and miserable- perhaps her husband just died, maybe her child is suffering or perhaps she is just having a bad day.

That child screaming and it is giving everyone a headache- maybe they have special needs and they just can’t control their emotions or voice, maybe their relatives are cruel so they act out, maybe they are bullied in school, perhaps they have never been taught how to control themselves.

That grumpy kinda mean elderly man or woman- maybe their body hurts as they get older, maybe they are lonely because they husband/wife is no longer here, maybe their kids ignore them due to being too wrapped up in their own lives.

The snotty cashier- maybe one of their kids are sick, an elderly parent who now has to be moved to assisted living facility, maybe they are having marital problems, a kid who is addicted to drugs or alcohol.

The person who cut you off driving- maybe they were distracted because they are in a crises, maybe they just had a fight with their child or spouse and they just aren’t paying attention properly, overwhelmed from crushing job that just takes advantage of them, financial problems, unexpected anything just popped up

We never know what someone is going through or why they might be the way they are. We shouldn’t encourage poor behavior but we can certainly show kindness, compassion, mercy and love.

Be kind, give a smile and perhaps some kind encouraging words. You never know how those things will affect another person. Be the light in another’s darkness.

Don’t assume anything or automatically take something personal.

Don’t we want to receive these things when we are being less than loveable?

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