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Hey ladies! Odds are that you are doing better than you think! When you are trying and having your moments it is normal to feel like a failure. But having struggles does NOT make you a failure! Girl, you’ve got this.

A yeller? I used to be too! Check out my posts on overcoming it.

Broken-hearted? I used to be too. Come read my journey on post that tells of Yah healing my brokenness. There is HOPE and HEALING!

Not very patient? Neither was I at one time and I still have my moments 🤦🏼‍♀️. I wrote about that too!

Feel like your days are just chaos because you have littles or other issues and it is just overwhelming? Yup I’ve been there too. I’ve cried in the bathroom so many times.

Struggle enjoying life because you are caught up in feeling like you just have so much to do? I did too!

Through Yeshua you can overcome ANYTHING!

My posts and podcast episodes talk about so much of these kinds of things. You are not alone. Many of us have been there too. There are other amazing ladies who share things too. Soon I will start linking to their amazing encouragement and mentoring posts too!

We are in this together 🥰😁

Life gets hard! You are not alone sweet lady. Chances are you aren’t anything like you envision you are. The days can be overwhelming. You can feel disconnected with husband. Feel like your kids are just not behaving or listening and you are at your wits end happens to most of us. It can seem like someone needs us at almost every moment and we have no time to breathe. Not taking care of yourself because you are so wrapped up in taking care of others happens too much too. In midst of hard trials and it is just so overwhelming happens sometimes to all of us too.

None of us have it all together. None of us always make the best decisions. None of us always treat our loved ones right. We all have setbacks and get disappointed with ourselves.

Girl, God sees you! I and others see you! You are seen and you are loved.

Don’t stay stuck when these times come. Don’t forget to go to Yah and lean into Him, your husband and your sisters in Yeshua and your close confidants.

We should be encouraging and supporting one another. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Keep moving forward and keep repenting when need to. Take that step in front of you in His direction. You are not beyond His love. Don’t keep Yah at arms length when life is hard. He should be your first go to, not when nothing else is working. Pray, pray, pray and read His word first.

Stand strong and firm in Him above all else. He’s got you lady!

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