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How we treat others and our families matters tremendously. When we say “I deserve” or “You need to earn” are we not somehow putting ourselves above others? What about esteeming others more than ourselves? Find that scripture. The examples are there of how Messiah treated others. We are not more worthy of things more than others. If we want to be shown patience, mercy, forgiveness, love, kindness and everything else that is of Him, we MUST be willing to do the same.

Of course it isn’t always easy. Of course there are certain things we shouldn’t be putting up with. Of course we are not doormats.

Would you sit beside the Messiah and tell Him how hard your life is? (I saw a meme of that exact thing and it has stuck with me ever since).

But consider… the story of what happened surrounding Ninevah, the Roman soldier whose ear He healed, the woman caught in adultery, Paul had quite the past of persecuting the children of God and the many other examples you can look up for yourself are there to glean much from.

What examples of love and showing His glory are throughout the entire Bible?

Are we somehow better than our Messiah and our Father, that kindness and love towards our fellow man and especially our families don’t apply to us too?

Of course there are consequences to sin and actions but consider the examples left for us. They are there for a reason. What are we to be striving for? Even PRIDE is considered an abomination so we must be careful how we feel about ourselves and what we feel like we deserve compared to how we treat others.

Love does not intentionally hurt another

Love does not pay evil for evil

Love does not belittle

Love does not equal “you are beneath me”

Love does not say I am worthy, you are not

Love does not behave itself unseemly

Love does not hate

Love even your enemies

Without Love we are nothing


Shine a light to a dark world. If Yah and Yeshua would never do or say something, should we? Even if They would, is that our place to? It isn’t always our place to do or say something. Consider and copy our Messiah.

If we are not treating our families properly it does not matter how much we are out there do-gooding it. They are our first earthly priority.

Love first above all else. Strive to copy our Messiah as best we can.

It all goes back to LOVE

Until next time!

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