Love and kindness begins in the home

We are all valuable and all made in the image of Yah

Submission has become viewed as a bad word now. It does not take away our value and our ability to think or have opinions. A wise husband will listen to his wife when she is being the helpmeet she was created to be.

Submitting to each other the way we should does not negate husband being the head. God-> Messiah-> Husband-> Wife

Serve and submit to each other. This is scriptural as well. (If we throw out the roles and design Yah gave us, do we throw this out too? Would this not be a “suggestion” or “opinion of a man” as well?)

I am not threatened by these roles and trust my husband and what Yah set in place for us. These are good and righteous. We both should be loving, kind, serving, dying to our old self, selfless, forgiving, merciful, serving among so many other amazing beautiful qualities and actions.

A true leader doesn’t have to say it. The ones being led shouldn’t have to say they are either.

How it all falls in place will not be the same for every marriage. You do what works for yours. Work together. Love and serve your beloved.

Love above all else

We have been lied to and marriages have been distorted for generations. Authority has been abused in our world and rebelliousness has been encouraged as well. Neither is better or beneath the other. Giving up because hard is not good. Everything in life takes work. Just because some have abused authority or have been rebellious does not negate Yah’s ways. We will be held accountable.

No one is better than the other. We all are valuable and have a place within Yah’s plan.

A husband and father should never be a bully and tyrant. Men do not have more value than women. They should be gentle with, love and give honor to their wives. We can help our sons have better lives by living out good examples and raising them well.

Wives should never belittle or demean their husbands. It doesn’t always have to be our way. Women are not better and smarter than men. Most men are not wanting to oppress and micromanage us. We all have value and brains. Being a good example to our daughters and help them to see what to look for in a husband will help her have a better life.

Our kids should be taught their worth and know they are valuable. Yah loves them and so do we. Should look for a spouse who will love them and they can love. Yah wants to give them someone who will help them succeed in their walk. They need to be choosy with high standards that are also realistic and not unfair to their spouse. They should be taught where their identity lies and that is with Yah and Yeshua. No one can make them happy and they can’t make another happy. See their worth and add to our spouses and let them add to us. The goal is to bring glory to Yah and helping each other and families make it to the Kingdom ❤️🙏.

We are not anyone else’s Holy Spirit and we should not try to be. Work on ourselves first and help family grow alongside us.

Put Yah first. He loves us and wants us to make it and tell us “Well done!”

Let’s strive to do this together instead of fighting each other

Until next time!

One thought on “Love and kindness begins in the home

  1. I haven’t really struggled with submission through marriage, except in a few areas. One is charitable giving and the other is intimacy. However, he doesn’t get upset at all when I donate or help those in need. He just doesn’t think about it or consider giving like I do.

    Good words. 🙂

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