Heart prep for Sabbath and Prep day being a delight too

Hey ladies!

Sabbath prep talk again ❤️😁 I love discussing these things and hearing about it as well!

It is easy to get caught up in the physical preparation for the Sabbath. The Sabbath is called a delight as it should be for us. Do we approach the Prep Day for it in the same way?

Now I know it is the Sabbath itself that is set apart and a delight. What I am meaning is do we approach preparing for the Sabbath in the same manner. Shouldn’t the preparing of it be a delight as well? We do have physical preparation along with preparing our heart so why not do it in a manner that is a delight as well. I think it is helpful to come to it ready with ease in the right frame of mind.

If we are not preparing for it in a manner that helps us reach it with a good attitude and mood and not from a crabby mood we had all day- is that not a good thing to approach it as being a delight and gift to prepare for it as well?

Too many focus on the physical and all this stuff have to do. Having a cleanish house does help and feels good but if it doesn’t get done, it really doesn’t matter. Our heart and going into it for the right reasons and mindset matters far more.

We remember what it is like being in a Church that is very hypocritical and made no sense for many of the “rules”. It is not what is of God. You could go to a restaurant but would get chastised if went to a store for something forgot, unless you are certain people and make ox in a ditch excuse when preparing ahead was possible. You couldn’t cut vegetables but are told to do a ton of cleanup in a hall that is a lot of work. We are not so strict and don’t believe it isn’t meant to be so micromanaged and pharisaical. It isn’t meant to be a burden or self serving because you want to figure out a way why something else is ok like go to a restaurant and not a grocery store using self check out. Unfortunately, to many it has been made that way. It isn’t meant to be a burden or have that many do’s and don’s. Too many are like that.

How many times did Yeshua break the “rules”? Clearly then, that wasn’t what it was meant to be like for us. The Sabbath isn’t meant to be what some have turned it into. It is a restful, peaceful, delightful day set apart for His glory. Not a bunch of man made do’s and don’ts. Study the examples and guidelines set before us in His word.

When we stay at home, (yes, I know even when work outside home it applies ) housework and cooking is part of our work. I am not going to clean my house on the Sabbath. I have the rest of the week for that. That would be my work and take away from time with Him, my family and brethren. Anything we can do ahead is good. We are told to cook ahead in some ways. We do not believe making a sandwich or making certain types of food is a sin. I’m not going to make a lasagna on the Sabbath but will beforehand we if want it then. It is really nice not having to worry about it on Saturdays in the same way. Reheating things isn’t that big of a deal. I have seen so many reasons why one thing is ok to do something but not another. It literally is the same thing generally, regardless of the method you are cooking food. In an oven or toaster to reheat, you are still reheating it. We do not believe throwing something in the oven or in a crockpot or instant pot is a sin.

Exodus 16:23 does tell us more.

Some take that way too far and some discard it completely. What we can do ahead, we should. The oven isn’t the same for reheating something as compared to making bread and all that that entails or dishes like lasagna and etc.

Exodus 35:3 is another that some use to say we can’t do anything with “cooking”. That is also why some do not turn off lights. That is why some won’t turn on an oven or burner on stove but will use a toaster. I think people should research what those fires are speaking of. Would you not start a fire meant for heating home in the middle of winter that went out and it is freezing outside? It can be taken too far. It isn’t meant to be so micromanaged.

Context of scripture is always key and there are often multiple verses that can be referenced. I always recommend studying things for yourself.

Understanding how much labor went into these processes in times past can help you understand why we wouldn’t do that work on the Sabbath compared to how turning a knob on an oven wouldn’t be the the same kind of intensive labor.

If it feels wrong to you then don’t do it. That can be counted differently if you feel it is and do it anyways. But don’t condemn another if they don’t see it exactly the way you do.

Romans 14:23

That does get used to excuse sin and also to say something is sin that is not, just because someone believes it is and they want to impose on others, never being able to convince them otherwise. Pray and study. If you feel it is wrong, don’t do it. If not sure, pray, study and perhaps err on the side of caution until confirmed.

So sisters in Yeshua, What are YOUR tips and thoughts?

Our hearts need preparation too. That is incredibly important. How can we enter into the Sabbath at ease and ready for it?

I remember getting frazzled when the kids were little.

I remember it being such a busy hard day at times.

I have seen many friends and see other ladies now, wanting it to be a better experience but stuck sometimes.

I remember hearing and reading about lots of husbands and children commenting how their wives and moms were just so frazzled, frustrated, mean, cranky, miserable from way too many things to do and taking it out on them every Friday as preparing. Major ugh and yikes!

How are we doing?

I understand how easy that can be. There is no one way to prep homes and hearts.

So in comments please share your experiences, tips, ideas and thoughts.

I know lots of mommas struggle with these things so lets give ideas for them too!

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  1. It will be so great when we see Him face to face and all these things are ironed out for us.

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