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Martha, Mary or Both? And a recipe, yum!

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Hey ladies. So often we hear about Martha and Mary. It seems like Martha gets a bad view and Mary is praised. Should we be avoiding being a Martha and only strive to be a Mary?

What about striking a balance?

In the famous verses we see them, Martha seems to me like she is quite flustered and even has an attitude. Yikes. How often do we bark orders for help?

Mary was doing something good. She was listening to Truth and spending time hearing about His word. She was right there listening to the Messiah.

Martha was serving others which is also noble. It doesn’t quite seem like she had the best attitude though. Maybe that is also where the problem was. We can get so busy with serving that we neglect what is most important at the moment. Listening to the Messiah at that moment was far more important.

Would it have been so bad if Martha also sat and listened? Sometimes things can wait. Perhaps if she really did want to serve others she didn’t need to get so cranky and demanding. Perhaps she could have listened some between serving others. Or maybe even have asked for help nicely?

How many of us women do those very same things? Frustrated no one is helping us? Annoyed because everyone else is sitting and waiting to be served? Upset because we are missing out because the tasks are left to us? There are so many scenarios we could think of.

Let’s not get so caught up in serving and household tasks that we forget or neglect to sit at His feet.

Let’s also not get so caught up in studying His word and listening to sermons and etc that we get unbalanced and neglect our duties and miss out on the joys in our lives.

Let’s strike a balance of being a Martha and a Mary.

This goes great with tomato soup!

Until next time!

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