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Self control

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Hiya sisters in Messiah! I hope this finds you well.

Do you ever notice how everything we get bombarded with now is encouraging a lack of self control?

Works of the Flesh vs Fruits of the Spirit

This will give lots of ideas for studying to find applications in your own life.

There is so much encouragement to drink too much alcohol, hook up culture, binge watching tv, demanding to be left alone all the time to do things we want, losing our temper because others bother us, fight with husband and children because they annoy us, running our mouths all the time, drown ourselves in our hobbies, spend tons of money on nonsense, self care to the point of being selfish, ignoring what should be doing too much because we deserve a break… the list goes on and on.

It is easy to fall for these things when we lack self control. It is even easier when trying to fill voids or avoiding problems. We should be moderate and control ourselves in all things.

It is even easier to do these when we don’t have our nose in our Bible and praying to Yah regularly. Talking about things of Yah often is so good and a joy. When struggles come, lean on Him and others who are going to support you, not encouraging harmful behaviors.

So many women have fallen for the lie that we deserve to do what we want, when we want and not let anyone stand in our way. Anyone who tries to show us otherwise can wind up being called a hater, controlling, oppressive or abusive.

Not having self control harms us too. It can also harm others.

Yes, we need to be taking care of ourselves.

No we shouldn’t run ourselves ragged.

Yes we should be moderate

No we don’t deserve everything we say we do just because we want it

Yes we should have hobbies and do them

Yes we can do things for ourselves

No it isn’t selfish to say no at times

No we shouldn’t be drinking all the time

Yes “hooking up” does cause harm

No it isn’t beneficial to binge watch tv all the time

No we shouldn’t be losing our tempers

No it isn’t ok to be yelling and screaming at family

No nagging is not ok

Yes our thoughts and opinions matter

Yes we are fully capable of controlling ourselves. Don’t believe the lies.

Self control affects every aspect of our lives. When we lack it or lose it, it hurts others and ourselves. Losing patience, yelling, arguments, anger exploding, spending too much money, being that wife whose husband hide on corner of roof top so many things in life comes down to being able to control ourselves or not.

Sometimes overcoming a lack of it has different root causes that need to be addressed. It isn’t always easy but it can be done. Get the support you need if you need support.

Self control and moderation are so important in life. Everything we do or don’t do revolves around them.

The more our children see us exhibiting self control the easier it can be for them to learn it and live it.

When we control our actions and reactions to things it can make life easier and smoother or rough and harder. It can make potentially bad situations turn good or good situations turn bad depending how we control ourselves.

There are so many verses that speak to self control. This would be a good word study to do and find all the other words that are related.

Many things are connected to self control or a lack of it.

Self control matters. Some of the very things that will keep us out of the Kingdom is a direct result of not having self control in that specific area.

Gain the victory over areas we need to have more self control. It is for our benefit to have it. Lacking it leads to so many problems in our lives.

We are capable. Have control over our thoughts, our actions and behavior. It is possible. It is good and righteous.

We are worth it. Our families are worth it. Keeping in mind if we wouldn’t like something, it is a good indicator to probably not do it. Treat others how you would like to be treated. Love others as yourself. Yah is worth it. Let’s gain the victories.

We can do all things through Yeshua Who strengthens us.

Until next time.

She controls her tongue and doesn’t spit fire
She strives for obedience and living the Fruits of The Spirit

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