Preserved and life giving. When the days are hard…

Hiya ladies!

So well over a week ago I was doing some yard work and cleaning off our deck. There are apple trees that cover parts of our property from next door. So we get fruit falling onto our back deck a lot.

There are four images below of some of what I found as I was raking. I am glad I did. I got bored and decided to clean it up then. I wouldn’t have seen them if I hadn’t.

I am a thinker and my mind just started going with so many parallels. I will say a few of them below. I came across these between some bad days I had and my mind did keep going back to them.

As I was sitting in our backyard with my beloved this afternoon, I was reminded of the pictures I took and what I was thinking. I have been pondering this off and on for I think over a week now!

Think about how Yah views us and cares for us! I came across some rotting and not so rotting apples! What?! How were they still there?! They had been out there since last fall! (Yes I know that happens) I’m speaking from you’d expect things to just rot being in the elements and yucky conditions. We live in the North East United States so it gets wet, cold and nasty during the fall and winter.

These apples and plants were deep within the pile I had made. I don’t remember seeing them as I cleaned up, they would have rotted more if they had been. So they had to be in the pile already that I added to.

They were preserved. Even the ones that weren’t so great but here we are in the spring and they survived in that way. Yah can bring us through darkness. He can get His light to us in our moments that don’t look or feel good.

Since I found them so much has gone through my head. Conversations with my husband have sparked more in my mind.

Yah can redeem us no matter our situation, sin or state we are in. Even if we are so putrid and barely anything left new life can now come from the seed within. He brings life anew! Let the old “man” within us die day by day and let Him change us daily.

There is always hope! He is our Hope. He knew we would need a lifetime to grow into better images of Him. Are we letting Yah and Yeshua be our mirrors and reflecting their traits back?

When we fall short and truly needed his preservation of us through dark and damp parts of our lives are we seeing the truth of it? Do we repent if need to, trust in Him when need to and running to Him instead of keeping him at arms length?

The prodigal son and the unprofitable servant can very well be us at times.

We are never so far gone He can’t bring us back. Let Him. (Yes I understand the unpardonable sin but most of us are not committing that within our daily sins and faults)

Within that yucky mess somehow other plants began to grow too. There was a lot. He can give us a newness in life no matter our state. He can do anything!

He can preserve us and help our life regardless of whether we think it is possible or not. It doesn’t not matter how dark and damp our situations, attitude and sins are, He can bring us out of them. We might be rotten and look like we won’t make it but He can restore ANYTHING.

Sometimes we aren’t in good shape but He doesn’t write us off because we have fallen short. He wants us to walk towards the light and with Him.

Once exposed what do we do with it? Do we nurture the gross parts and work towards change that helps improve it? Do we let new life come from it? Do we allow whatever growth can have come forth?

Do we sit there and let it continue rotting?

New life can come from the seeds within. Do we allow it to spring forth or do we drown or let the seeds get moldy and prevent new growth?

Are we fighting the growth He is bringing us?

Are we allowing the darkness to choke out His light?

Do we get stuck in the uncomfortable and hard situations and let it stop us?

Do we allow the Spirit to inspire us to grow more? Do we seek out where there is life and growth and move the gross parts out of the way to allow more growth?

Do we allow Him to carry us through circumstances we feel like we will not make it out ok? Sometimes things happen that are beyond us. Sometimes things can be unjust and unfair. Sometimes people do things that hurt us. What do we do with it?

Do we give the enemy too much credit? (My friend Karen did an amazing podcast about that and I wholeheartedly agree!) link below to that episode. Do we forget that nothing happens without Yah allowing it?

Do we only blame others and the enemy when things happen or do we look for where we possibly contributed to it? It can be easy to blame all the bad on everything but us which at times can be only a little or a lot. At times we did nothing yet He allowed it. What do we do with that?

Growth happens and preserving happens when death and rotting is expected.

Sometimes we come out of it looking a little worse than others. I saw more life than I did what was dying in that pile! How amazing is that?

We can be bruised and a little or a lot ruined but so often we come out of things much better than we felt like we would!

What do we do in those dark and hard moments or seasons? He can preserve anything!

Yah is good and Yah preserves us! We are his!

Isaiah 43:1 is probably my favorite verse ❤️🙏😁😭🙌🏼

Psalm 51 is amazing. It applies no matter our sins. It doesn’t have to be as serious as the one David was confronted with from Nathan.

Oh Yah create in us a clean heart!

What lessons do you see in this fallen fruit and plants growing?

These are good discussions to have with our spouse and our kiddos so they can think like this too when life gets hard. It will. We all have hard days and seasons. They will come. Let our minds focus more on the good and moving forward.

He gave us the gift of repentance. Continually strive to be in that mindset of desiring to have repentance when need it. It will come.

He gave us the gift of forgiveness. Ask for it and be willing to extend it as well when others need it from us.

He is merciful, He gives a grace, He is Holy, He is love. He will preserve us. He’s got you! Don’t neglect prayer and Bible Study during these times.

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  1. My daughter cut into an apple last month and found seeds that had sprouted. She now has six baby apple trees!

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