Exciting news

Exciting news

Good morning ladies! I hope this finds you doing so well!

Please bare with me for a little while as I am learning some new things and navigating all that is going on. I am not sure how often for the time being that I will be able to post but I am revamping and need to get used to what I didn’t have access to before. As well as what I did but hadn’t learned yet.

My website has had a tremendous blessing that I am in awe of. I did not expect this and am truly excited. Words cannot express how inspiring and wonderful this has been to me. Yah is so good and will make things happen regardless of whether you think they can or not. Sometimes it makes me want to cry out of joy and thankfulness. This is one of those times that I don’t have many words to say, it doesn’t happen that often when a talker is at such a loss of words. Praise Yah!

In case you haven’t noticed the website address above or didn’t see anywhere that I have said yet, I have a new domain name! The wordpress site will still work and will now redirect to….


I find it amazing that this domain was even available! Everything else regarding Heart of a Torah Woman will remain the same.

Lots of exciting things to come and I ask for you to please be patient with me as I am navigating it all. Newsletters and more for subscribers will be coming soon! I have a lot in the works and so many things brewing so stay tuned.

Please pray for me and all this as I am adjusting as well as getting back into crafting. I have projects I have struggled with that I want to get done and when those are completed, I desire to get back into knitting and crocheting like I used to. I miss it and always dislike when I get away from it. I love crafting!

It sounds like perhaps next week I can share something else exciting that has been going on in the background for awhile now too. I have barely told anyone about it so far and it is incredibly humbling, amazing and fun to me.

As always, I love hearing from and connecting with you ladies! I hope that this ministry has been as much as a blessing to you as you all have been to me. May we continue to edify, uplift, encourage, support and love one another.

Until next time!

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