The Psalms- An Exercise

Hey all. Yah is glorious to us and we just don’t deserve it. Isn’t grace, mercy and forgiveness amazing? I have been thinking about this a lot lately. His goodness is always permeating everything. He grants us these things because He loves us and wants to extend them. I mean, wow, just wow! The Creator of the universe !!! 🙏🙂😭 How awesome is this?!

It seems like so many of Yahs people are struggling and/or under such pressure. Keep leaning into our great Father and moving forward.

If this is you, getting into the Psalms are a great help. This is an image of the list I made of the Heading for each and every Psalm. It is kept in my Bible. Easy reference. Perhaps it can encourage you writing it all out as well. It takes awhile but it is oh so worth it 🙏🙂 Who knows, maybe as you write it out, certain ones will pop out at you and that starts a study that is needed. It did for me more than once! So grab your Bible and start your own list to start reaping the rewards of this exercise.

I hope if you do this that it blesses you as much as it has me

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