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The Number One Thing You Can Do To Love Your Family

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Hey all! As I am sitting here early this morning I am moreso listening to the weather channel while pondering something on my mind lately.

We all have our areas we want to improve.

We all have days we are less than proud of ourselves

We all have days everyone drives us nuts

We all generally want to do better loving our family

There is ONE thing you can do to improve your chances to grow better at that. Did you know that? I am certain you already know the answer!

Matthew 6:33!

Seek God above all else first and foremost in your life

There will be bumps along the way. We will fall short at times . Some days we wind up facepalming ourselves . It won’t stop. That comes with being flesh. BUT we can get better living His way the more we seek Him.

Seek Him with all your heart and the rest will fall into place.

However imperfectly

Matthew 7:13-14

Wide is the path that leads to destruction… narrow leads to life. Hallelujah He told us the path to take!

Take the narrow path. It won’t always be easy but in the end it is far harder not too.

Seeking Him and putting in the effort to grow will reap amazing growth!

When we are putting Him first it is a whole lot easier to live righteously. Daily ask for His spirit to fill and guide us. Fill your mind with His Word. Sometimes growth is slow and it gets frustrating.

On the days or seasons you are struggling do not stop seeking Him. Keep your mind on things above. He does care and love you!

You’ve got this and He has got you!

Keep continually in prayer

Get into your Bible daily – a few minutes of reading or even some copy work when you are not able to do more is still good and life changing

Sing songs of worship

Praise Him all the time

Talk about Godly things often

When life gets hard seek HIM more intensely

We are not a mess. We are not doomed to failure. We don’t have to stay stuck.

Titus 2 speaks of loving our husbands and our children- when we put God first above all else they and we will benefit in so many ways.

Seeking our Father and copying our Messiah might even lead others to Them too! Now that is awesome! How glorious is that when people repent turning to God?!

We get to know the Creator of the universe! That is incredible! Now go! Seek Him and pursue Him earnestly with all your heart and all your soul.

Glory be to God!

What are we seeking?
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