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Crafting Talk

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Hey ladies!

Who loves to create things with your hands?

Oh do I ever! I am coming out of a stint where I haven’t again. I currently still have some projects to finish.

Look at this beauty 😍 one day soon this will be a long sleeved large dog sweater. The directions are not as thorough and smooth as I like to have so it has had its confusing parts. I am thankful for friends who can help me lol.

This one below is actually a project for myself! It is my favorite color. I’ve made one before and it surprisingly is very easy. It wasn’t so easy for the first one for a while years ago. A row would take me an hour and a half! By the end of it it took maybe 5-10 minutes! It took me a year. I had times where I did not touch it for awhile and came back to it. Now for this one, finishing it is the problem since it seems like things we make for ourselves get pushed to back burner. One day this will be done. This knitted blanket is going to be queen sized and soooo comfy. It is probably my favorite pattern or one of my favorites I have ever made.

Why am I sharing this? I hope it encourages you to pick up your crafts and hobbies. These things are not for kids only. I did not learn to knit and crochet until I was about 26 or 27. Now I can make things I never dreamed possible. It also gives me the ability to sell things too. I hope to be able to do that soon!

Proverbs 31 describes a woman who works with her hands. She makes things and even sells them. Not everyone is able to do that however we can try to learn what interests us! I never dreamed I would be doing these things! We can be that woman (without running ourselves ragged).

If you cannot create things right now, I encourage you to try! Some seasons it is harder than others to fit in but we do need to have things that we enjoy. It is even good for our health! Like seriously! There are health benefits! So many studies out there that that prove that time and time again.

So pick up something. If it has been awhile get back into it!

I encourage you to do things you enjoy. It is a good time to think of His word, listen to worship music or a podcast, have good discussions. I do admit there are some projects let’s just say I am not talking or listening to much haha. I have my moments I have to start counting out loud so I don’t lose my spot, I don’t get louder as I do it anymore to get point across lol. There are times though and I try more and more to not worry about it and ok with having to start over when someone wants to chat or needs something. I do confess it is a little frustrating when you’ve lost your count 6 times 😵‍💫😅 but even then, does it REALLY matter?

So go, have fun! There is nothing wrong with it. Yah will bless your efforts if you ask Him too 🙏

Drop a comment below about and even pictures of your work! It is glorious when we share!

Drop a comment below if you have something you want to try or have questions about a craft. Perhaps someone can help you out!

Until next time

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  1. Rachel Espino Avatar
    Rachel Espino

    I didn’t learn to crochet until I was pregnant with my third child. I was 30 years old. Now that child is almost 18 and already married. Yikes! I am old.

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