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Dust Off and Straighten Our Crowns

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Hey everyone! Sometimes life throws things at us. Sometimes it is out of our control. Sometimes it is our own fault. Yah is good through it all! Lately I have been focusing on myself A LOT. I have been pretty low key for days and honestly, I LOVE IT! I want to grow while being better and better in all areas of my life.

I am sure these things are desirable for many if not all of us.

For quite awhile I have been praying about and desiring to do better in my walk with God. Being the best I can be for my family (and myself) is incredibly important to me. These are not new prayers by any means but I have been getting far more specific and desire so much more deeply than I have in times past.

These past few months have had some pretty eye opening times. Last year had some big moments too and oh boy.

As I was going through some of these things I came to notice the moments that have been the hardest were almost ALWAYS actually, opportunities for me to listen and be still. I had to notice God was indeed answering what I was asking for! The hardest moments were when I fell flat on my face and did the exact opposite of what I intended.

What has been a huge eye opener was that even before it would get to those times, God was helping me to see these very things I wanted so badly. I had that still small voice that was nudging me and my husband was saying the exact things I needed to hear. Little snippets here and there. I already knew what needed to be worked on. It was obvious. I saw these things in scripture and how it applied to me. I knew what I needed to do and saw it all. I just did not notice the work I still needed to put in to improve as I wanted too. I thought I was doing what I needed to in certain areas. I was but it clearly was not as much as I had hoped. There is always room for growth.

So why was it so hard?! How did I fall flat on my face? AGAIN?! I didn’t fail every time but I did some times. Ugh!

Well if you ask for growing patience guess what happens? Those OPPORTUNITIES will come. You cannot grow in patience until you have moments where you need to USE it. You cannot grow in being quiet more unless you have those moments that you HAVE TO BE quiet, especially when you don’t want to. You cannot grow in submission unless you have the moments when You HAVE TO SUBMIT when internally you may not want to do it (I’m not talking about sin here, anything negative or what would be wrong to). These are just some examples that we can face.

My point is that we cannot be better women of God, wives and moms unless we recognize when God is providing the moments to grow and He IS answering.

***Understand we may not like the answers we receive. None of that matters! Be prepared for HIS answer, not ours ***

Character is not imputed to us. We have to build it.

I am not the same women I was throughout various times for many years now and I am not the same woman I was even six months ago. Growth comes when we allow it and actively strive to find all the nooks and crannies that need it.

I have had some pretty rough and embarrassing moments, more than I would like to admit since last year. However, something dawned on me that I had not really thought about quite this way to the degree I do now. We all know that if we ask He will give it to us. When we ask to get better and grow, we have better be prepared to recognize it. We had better be prepared to notice those times that is showing us what we asked for. We had better be prepared to take those times to DO what would be required to grow. The moments it matters most is often when we need to do the exact opposite of what our flesh wants to do. These moments are often in the day to day little things. Sometimes it may not seem like a big deal but it is. THOSE little things is what can make a day feels like it spiraled out of control. We sit there wondering what happened?! How did THAT become so much of a problem?!

Ask and you SHALL receive.

I am incredibly grateful to be noticing things for some time now and especially recently. Currently I am in the middle of a pretty big study. Super excited and loving it! I even found notes I took on some of these very topics last year. Very cool! Not done yet and it will take some more time to complete what studying. I love diving into scripture, connecting things and diving into words that make it all just POP in ways they have not before. Sometimes they are reminders and I am getting both right now. I am on fire and so so excited! I will share when it is time. I think you all will truly love it. These things are so incredibly helpful and simple too! Not always easy to put into practice but amazing is an understatement!

Yah has answered my prayers! I know He answers when we are ready and everything He reveals to us in His perfect time. Sometimes we can make things take longer because we were not looking for the answers in the ways HE shows us. (Insert facepalm.)We can make things take far longer than necessary.

Be prepared to listen to much more than you might be thinking to watch for. Listen to those around us, especially hubby. God could very well be using him to prompt action before something bigger comes along and could be a lot harder to handle. Listen to the still small voice He is speaking to you.

I am forever grateful for Gods guidance. Even through my own failures. We all have them and we will fail at times. Dust yourself off and try again. Take those mistakes and use them to grow too. Growing pains hurt and we will have a lot of them throughout our lives. Do not let them hold you back. Always get up and move forward. We will still be dusty. We always will be while we are still in the flesh. At times it will be more than others.

Never cease to Pray.

Never stop seeking Him

Never cease to be in your Bible all the time.

Never cease talking to your husband. Listen to the things he is saying. Pay attention.

That applies to your children too.

As well as to those closest to you.

Never stop growing and dusting off as much of the dirt as you can.

Let the Word wash you.

Let God be your Master Potter.

Do not get stuck when these hard moments come. Some of it is so hard and frustrating. The narrow path was never promised to be easy but the rewards WILL be worth it.

I am so thankful for those hard times. Without them I would not be growing into the woman of Yah He designed me to be.

Go be His girl. Straighten your crown. Shake off the dust you can out of your hair, dress and shoes. Hold your head high and continue walking as the daughter of our King ❤️🙏👑

Until next time!

2 responses to “Dust Off and Straighten Our Crowns”

  1. Heart Of A Torah Woman Avatar

    It sure is my friend. I forgot to write that we may not like the answers but we asked! That was a hard hitting one for me for a few months OUCH to say the least 😭🙏 I asked! But Yah is faithful and will help us through. Don’t worry lady, you WILL get there 🤗❤️

  2. Rachel Espino Avatar
    Rachel Espino

    The struggle is real. Sometimes I just don’t have a good response to your posts, but thank you for writing and sharing your thoughts and experiences.

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