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Ponderings on Sabbath Preparation

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Good morning ladies! I hope this finds you doing well and enjoying hopefully good weather. We should have some rain today that I am looking forward to.

It always feels like there is so much to do when it comes to getting ready for the Sabbath. Completing everything wanted to always feels good. Some weeks are easier to obtain this than others. Summertime is always a time that feels a lot easier for me personally. Probably because these few months don’t have homeschooling and other things in the same way that the rest of the year does.

So now I am re-evaluating what I do throughout the week and how I approach Sabbath prep.

This is a good time to take a step back, evaluate and adjust anything would like to.

So starting today these are some things I plan on doing throughout week. If you have any ideas or things you do that you would like to share drop a comment or email sharon@torahwoman.com

We don’t have to do absolutely everything the same but perhaps sharing ideas and thoughts can inspire or encourage others 😊

I am going to write down a list of priorities my family has for Sabbath prep. This will include things that are not a must but would like to do if have time.

I think I am going to set up a binder of meals, snacks, easy to grab food and etc that is specifically for Friday nights and Saturdays. Making something that is a go to and adding to it or removing something as time goes on will be an easy and nice tool. Finding out things the family would like to have can be discussed again. There are favorites that I generally plan on Friday evenings because I have the ability to cook these things then without getting super stressed. Sometimes I have to plan easier but not always.

Sitting down and finding out what is a priority or not to my husband will be a good reminder. Sometimes we can forget what they prefer or they do not think needs to be worried about. I know in the past I assumed things and was way off… I put pressure on myself that I ascribed to my hubby. When I finally brought it up is when I learned it was not things he desired. Don’t assume. Ask.

I think asking the kids what they feel should be or how they want things to be prioritized for their responsibilities will be helpful too. They are far old enough to create their own lists and have their own system to get done. I want to change up what I have always had them do. They know what needs to get done that are their jobs. Not having to micromanage in ways have needed to in past will be great. For awhile now they have been doing awesome so we can discuss all of this. I want to be giving them more freedom for figuring out what works for them that will also give them a good foundation for better habit making. I have a feeling it will also spur other things they would like to do and how they approach will happen too. This will not be the first time I talk with them and plan things out together. Just time to do again.

Engage the kids. It is their home too. They should learn responsibility and contributing to the household tasks. Different ages have different abilities of course. It can make it harder but you can create some awesome memories while instilling good character traits and habits. Some seasons are super hard for prep, I remember them well. There are many things I wish I did differently when our kids were little. There are also seasons where strict priorities really come in handy. Some things won’t matter as much when children are little that will be easier when they are older. Hang in there, you will get through it and can figure out less stressful plans. Do not be afraid to ask for help. I know some will not have any help, I pray that doesn’t last long and that you will be given what you need to get through it.

Remembering that Sabbath prep is not only about cooking and cleaning is a must to me. Making sure we enter Sabbath with a good attitude approaching it ready is important to us. It never feels good when let a cruddy week or day and a sour mood make it harder to be joyful. Approaching Sabbath prep in a way that is a delight makes prep day go better as well as the Sabbath itself.

Not getting caught up in the physical tasks in such a way that we make it a burden is good to keep in mind. Yes there is cooking and cleaning. Yes it can be hard. Some days or seasons are a little or a lot harder. Getting our minds and hearts set in a good approach makes it all easier regardless. Our attitude and our hearts are what really matters. Approaching the tasks commanded to do in a delightful manner does make it easier. Not everything we think has to be done absolutely must be. If a floor doesn’t get swept it is not that big of a deal. Preparing ourselves and not getting frazzled is a much better way to handle it all. Breaking up the tasks over days instead of only on Friday makes a huge difference. It does feel much better when the house in clean for sure but do not let it ruin your mood or atmosphere of home if things are left undone.

I will have other things will be doing so these are only part of them. What do you do or re-evaluate from time to time to make it smoother and a delight?

Don’t forget to focus on our Creator and the purpose for prepping and keeping the Sabbath. I hope you have a great rest of the week.

Until next time

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