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Time Capsule Fun

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Good morning all! It is funny how by the end of the school year I am ready for vacation then very quickly start having all kinds of things brewing in my head for the next one. Ever since our kids were little, planning for the new school year has been fun for me. Some aspects way more and some way less. Oh boy some wayyyyyyy less.

We are moving things around in the home again. If you know me, I know what you are thinking… yes…. Again 😂😂😂

Anyways, I found old time capsules the kids made over several years. In the pic is an example of ones made first. The empty jar is one waiting. You can use any jar or any container you would like. The glass jars just stuck out to me so we used them.

They are great to look back at. When we have done them it was during the first few days of new school year. I set out a bunch of index cards, sheets they can fill out or draw on, and other things. One year they wrote short story on something I had gotten at the dollar store. Other times they colored pictures.

You can put pictures of them in the capsules, this year I would like to do that.

The index cards can be whatever they/you want. As they work on them, you will probably notice they will keep coming up with topics to write and things would like to add. Even adding trinkets or whatever else, would work if desired too.

  • Favorite Song and/band
  • Favorite Verse
  • Favorite color
  • Their motto
  • Subject like best
  • Places would like to travel to
  • Foods like and dislike
  • Favorite sport
  • Bible Study favorites
  • Activities that are fun
  • Pets and their names
  • Friends they are close with
  • Trace their hands and/or feet
  • Height
  • Grade
  • Age

The list can go on and on. Make it personal and not as a chore either. This can be a fun activity.

Put whatever you would like that can fit into the time capsule.

At the end of the school year you can review it to see changes or discuss what would like to add to next one too.

They do not have to be the same every time you do them.

This is a great idea I saw years ago and we are glad we tried it.

Have you ever made any? Drop a comment with any ideas or contents to add.

Until next time!

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