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Positivity In a Not So Positive World

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Hey ladies. Happy Prep Day! Lots to do today and grateful it is beautiful again!

It seems like everywhere we look we are surrounded by negativity and bad. It can be quite the downer and such a put off. Especially when that is all others want to talk about or share. I prefer to not dwell on those things and do not like focusing on for long.

Sometimes life is hard. Sometimes people do terrible things. Sometimes it is hard to see anything good in a given situation. Of course we all have moments where we are miserable and in bad moods. People can make us mad or even hurt us. Society can seem like it has gone crazy at times. We are human. We have a range of emotions we experience. Not every moment is wonderful.

Some of us choose to look at things the best way can. That doesn’t make our attitudes toxic or fake. Can you always find something good in a bad situation? Not always that easy if you even can. Is life hard at times? It sure is. Those of us who try to be more positive are not always that way. But we try.

Philippians 4:8 is there for a reason. That does not mean we do not see other things, acknowledge things going on or what is bad. It also does not mean we never think on things that are not listed. However, overall those are the kinds of things we should focus a lot more on.

We even have Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 so we know not every moment is honky dorey. Nor does it mean we are expected to be this bubbly ignorant person who is oblivious to the world and people.

We also have scriptures that speak to us about not being anxious and so much more.

Yah does not want us constantly in these negative or cruddy states.

How we react to things matters, of course we will not always do that so well but striving to the best we can is not a bad thing.

Working towards not only seeing the bad benefits us tremendously. We are not meant to be stuck in states where we get overwhelmed because of this world. How we are will affect how we interact with others and will affect the atmosphere in our homes.

Who likes being around someone who is miserable and mean because they feel rotten from these things? Is it really that great to have to put up with negativity when another is only finding the bad?

Of course sometimes someone or maybe even ourselves will be stuck and we should be there for them. I do believe we should not encourage another staying there though. Acknowledging hard things, upsetting things and etc is not wrong at all. Sometimes someone just needs us to listen and be quiet. It does not always have to be immediate turning positive. Not at all. There is wisdom and discernment that we need to develop.

What we focus on will affect us.

Trying to be positive regardless is a good alternative when we are able to. Helping others to see positive is something we can strive to do.

We have the hope of the Kingdom of God.

Being a light to the world and salt of the earth entails living that hope we have.

Will we always be positive, no way. That is unrealistic. If we see someone who only really posts positive things perhaps they are trying to encourage others. Maybe they do not want to contribute to the negativity. There certainly is enough already there. That is a good thing. It does not mean they do not have their own days that they are not so positive.

Edifying, uplifting, showing brotherly love and all the other beautiful qualities like them are glorious to live out. Choosing to not dwell on negativity and how messed up the world is, is not bad. How good is it when someone who has been not feeling so great can be uplifted? Seeing a genuine smile from it that wasn’t there prior is great.

Those of us who do tend to be more positive have our moments that we complain, get crabby and get quite upset about certain things see. We just tend to keep that to a small circle and try not to blast it out there.

I personally think it is a good example for our kids and families to see us trying to approach life positively. How can we truly get annoyed or complain that our family is negative or not having good attitudes when we are doing the very same things?

We can influence a great atmosphere without sticking our heads in the sand. We can talk about the things that are not great while still approaching life positively. Of course there are times or situations that would be incredibly difficult.

We have that hope, let us live it and show the world there is better.

One day He will wipe all our tears. One day there will be no more weapons. No more negativity. No more bad. No more evil.

We can look forward to that time. Let us not be fake but we can definitely set the pace for ourselves and those around us.

Yah is with us! One day His kingdom will be here and this world will be amazing in ways that we probably can not fathom as humans. Wow that is just awesome to me.

In the meantime may we talk to Yah regularly and keep our minds set on His word reading it constantly too!

You’ve got this and Yahs got you!

Until next time

2 responses to “Positivity In a Not So Positive World”

  1. Heart Of A Torah Woman Avatar

    I absolutely agree. I truly hope my friends know I’ve got their backs and I know they’ve got mine. We all need it ourselves. Saddens me to keep seeing more and more saying that it is toxic to have positivity. I strive for it myself and do try to encourage it with others. Reality though is we all have our times that we are not so positive for sure. Sometimes oh man I fall so short too. It is good when we can help each other through struggles. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t need it too, including myself. It is great when we can be that person when others need us too❤️🙏

  2. Rachel Espino Avatar
    Rachel Espino

    Good post and so true. I don’t understand what draws believers to viewing and subjecting themselves to those things which only serve to bring us down. Our daily interactions with the reality around us is plenty to disappoint. Why add more? I know and understand there is a time and a place for reaching out. I want to hear that my friends are struggling and need help and advice just as I want to know my friends have my back when I need the same.

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