Starting Your Day By Making Your Bed

Starting Your Day By Making Your Bed

Well pretty much first thing … sometimes I wait a little bit. LOL but making your bed right away or even shortly after you get up is a great way to start the day.

It can help set the pace to a day that is or at least feels productive and good. Even if all you do is cook and take care of kiddos , a tidy bed looks and feels amazing. You also will not have to mess with it come bed time.

Some days we will not get as much done as we would like. Different seasons will dictate what we can fit in.

When we start our day making our bed it is a nice little accomplishment. It feels good and looks neat and tidy.

It helps to set the pace for a good day. Will it absolutely make it great, of course not. However, this is a little thing you can do and have your children do for themselves that is a good habit to form.

I know on the days I do not get as much done as would like how good it feels.

This may seem trivial but it does improve our moods and atmosphere for at least some of us. It can be the start of a pretty productive day.

Start with this one small task and let it roll from there. (If you wind up not getting it done, it is not really that big of a deal and you can try again the next day).

Now, I am off to make my bed 😂❤️

Until next time

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