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Teaching our children, homeschooling and some links to great resources

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Themes of Deuteronomy download by Anne Elliott

Good morning all! So I know again I have been quiet. I have had a lot going on and am knee deep in prepping for our youngest’s upcoming school year. Originally I was going to also wait until September to start schooling again regularly but have changed my mind and we will be getting back into the swing of things with it a bit sooner. She will still be able to enjoy the rest of summer but this will be good and fun.

Even though we have been homeschooling for over 13 years, I still greatly enjoy and feel the desire to read and study about it. Getting new ideas is fun. Re-evaluating what works for a particular child or not is always something I try to do. I have a pile of books to review I checked out from library. Some of them I have borrowed a bunch of times lol. I have more coming too when they arrive at local library. Yay! I have always loved it.

Today I am beginning to go over this study on Deuteronomy Themes- as it relates especially to teaching our child. Here is the link to download it. It is great Anne took the time to do this and share the file.


Recently I also remembered old resources we used which was pretty cool. Book It from Pizza Hut is still running! Our kids participated the entire time they were eligible and loved it. Homeschoolers are able to sign up. I want to share that one so here it is.


So I haven’t gone anywhere. I just have a full plate right now. Things are great and my family comes first so hanging out as much as can too. Right now our daughter is next to me at our table watching Bible Pathway Adventure videos for their stories. She still loves them 😊❤️

I do plan on starting newsletters next week. That will be fun. Also working on figuring out how I will be getting my crafts I want to sell on here too. I knit, crochet and sew. Sewing is what I do the least but want to get that more too. So keep an eye out for these emails.

Here are a few links for an upcoming FREE homeschool conference and a FREE homeschool summit. Check them out below.

This link is from Homeschooling Torah


This link is from The Rooted Kafe


The August copy work list from Torah Family Living is ready! These are favorites of mine! I cannot wait to get to this one! Here is the link directly to it.


I hope you find these helpful too. I should be able to post more regularly soon. I miss it but I do need to strike proper balances and keep priorities straight. Burning ourselves out is not good so trying to avoid is ideal.

As always, I love hearing from you. Have a wonderful rest of week and prep day tomorrow.

Until next time!

2 responses to “Teaching our children, homeschooling and some links to great resources”

  1. Heart Of A Torah Woman Avatar

    Yes and I meant to respond by now… sorry! I’ve been doing a lot today lol. Will now 😁🤦🏼‍♀️

  2. Rachel Espino Avatar
    Rachel Espino

    Hey! Did you get my message about the conference?

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