Excited for the new school year to start! plus new podcast episodes and more

Excited for the new school year to start! plus new podcast episodes and more

Homeschool is a way of life, never stop learning

Hey all! So today we are getting back into homeschooling our daughter. It is super weird that our son is done as of this past June!

This year we are using homeschoolingtorah.com for her and are very excited. I have wanted to use for a long time and we had the blessing to be able to start now. Wootwoot LOL

It is kinda strange but now that our summer vacation is over it will be easier for me to get back into my blogging groove. I really needed to slow down this summer. It was so needed and great. Summer is always a time of reflection and resetting for me as well. I love the extra time can have with family and others as well, even if we can only text.

I have some more guests lined up for my podcast that you will love! Some are scheduled for a recording and some we are figuring out when it will work for both of us to fit in. Yay!

I now have an easier method to record videos so I will hopefully be doing that regularly. Still getting used to doing that. I really am not a selfie kind of person and am not in pics or videos much at all. I don’t mind and I am usually the one behind the camera. I know that video can be a useful tool so I have been preparing myself to just leap in more and give it a try to do more of what I would like to. Awkward to say the least at times but it is ok.

If you haven’t already listened to my latest two podcasts here they are. The one is Katie Hirn from Hirn Homeschoolers and the other is Heidi Cooper from Torah Family Living. They both are great!

Katie and I talk about all kinds of things here and we think you will enjoy this packed episode. I love how she talks about cleaning not only physically but spiritually. Living out pure religion is awesome to talk about and you will learn about some of her many hats and much more! She will be coming back on so we can learn about more of her hats and get to know her more.


Heidi and I talked about planning as a way of life and why. Her tagline is “If you want to keep Torah you have to plan for it” and boy do I agree. This one is packed too and at the end we talk about the spiritual applications and also really emphasize how “planning” is just a means to an end. The book I mention at the end is How does she manage? And I will link below so you can check it out if want. There are many places to purchase it from if choose to from another source. It is worth it. I got it some years ago and it is one of my favorite books.



So until next time and keep an eye out for my upcoming newsletter hopefully today or tomorrow , be sure to sign up if you want to receive those. There will sometimes be things in them that won’t be posted to blog. The upcoming one will also have three questions I posed to other ladies that I am hoping to get some more responses to and will be doing individual posts on them. I think getting ideas, tips, strategies and advice from others can be so amazing! We are in this together and uplifting, encouraging and etc are just beautiful and glorious!

Thank you for joining me in my little corner of the internet. May you have a truly blessed week!

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