Women of Strong Character

Women of Strong Character

Greetings from the North East United States where cooler weather is setting in. I love watching the changes. It gets so pretty here. The air smells refreshing. The cold setting in, not so much, except for when the insects don’t bother us quite as much. lol

Becoming a strong woman who is a force to reckon with… ponder

How do we represent our Father in Heaven and our Messiah? Does it even matter?

What is a strong woman?

What is a woman with strong character?

Meek and quiet spirit and being a “warrior

Do “strong women” get to treat others how ever they want and people just need to deal with it?

Strong women are trusted by husband?

Difference between speaking wisely vs being brash, bossy, mean and hastily?

Do “strong women” really get a pass when rude, mean and nasty?

Meshing humility with being a strong woman

Being meek and quiet VS being weak

Do our interactions, words and attitude towards others really matter if a woman is right?

Discerning when to be a warrior and not backing down

Do women sometimes confuse being a strong woman with being that women who tears down her own house?

Obviously, these things matter. I think these are important questions and thoughts to be considering. How we are living, how we are treating others, especially our families and other believers matters tremendously. I am not questioning these things for the purpose of figuring out if right or not but to consider the HOW to live it the best we can. A woman who is striving to copy our Messiah is NOT tromping around miserable, mean, nasty, starting arguments, acting Holier than thou, pushing her husband around, being snotty, being demanding, treating her kids poorly and being a drip to be around or making her family feel the need to hide from her. We should not be “bashing people over the head” that might not agree with us or does something we don’t like. That is more often than not a bad response. Unleashing our words in a manner that does not bring glory to our Father is not helpful or glorifying to Him. Telling the truth does not mean we get to be rude and argumentative with others, especially when we start it. It does not give us permission to walk around calling people stupid and other names and being combative because they do not “see what we see”.

We won’t always do life wonderfully. There will be days we do not behave particularly wonderful. We all have days we are not so nice. We all have times we wish we kept our mouth shut. If I could count the times I have done or said the opposite of what I should have or handled something in a manner I should not have, I probably would lose count. We all need grace, mercy, patience, kindness and so many other fruits of the spirit and etc.

Having brotherly love matters. Showing love to our families and other believers is important. The HOW we handle things matters a great deal.

Being horrible to people does not cause them to look at us and ask us about the hope within us. Being bossy, demanding, mean, tromping around mad and maybe even lecturing is not what we should be doing. These things definitely do not help us to live peaceably with all to the degree what we can.

Thinking through what is appropriate is the right thing. We can do these things without tolerating what we shouldn’t, be able to stand up when should, speak up when necessary and be that woman that others are like, “I want to have what she has!”, “what is so different about her?”, “there is something different about her” and on and on it can go. Our conduct should speak very loudly and has more impact than our words. There should be something entirely different about us that stands out compared to most others .

A woman who is of our Father that exemplifies strong character is a force to reckon with!

She is classy, has tact, grit, works hard, speaks with wisdom and kindness and knows when to bring her inner warrior out!

The Bible has great examples of very strong women who did what she needed to do in the moments it was necessary.

When we speak or behave in a manner that starts a fire or is like a bull in a

China shop, we are not representing what we think we are.

Do we keep in mind that it is our Father Who calls people and not us?

His perfect timing and will, not ours

Some verses to reference – Ecc 3:1-8, Prov 14:1, Prov 16:18, Prov 18:12, Prov 18:21, Prov 31: 11-12, 25-28, Rom 12:18, 1 Corin 13:2, 1 Corin 13:13, Philip 1:27, Philip 2:12, Philip 3:20, Titus 2:3-5, James 3:6,10, James 5:20, 1 Peter 1:15-16, 1 Peter 3:4, 1 Peter 4:8-9

Our Father IS love and shows towards us a ton of love and patience. He teaches us lessons and shows us His truth. How He does this is very different than we oftentimes might be willing to be towards another.

HOW we do these things is where the rubber meets the road. It all begins for us within our family and stretches from there.

Yah willing I will be working on more of these topics and addressing each question above. Here are a few memes I have made this week. We do not have to be exactly the same and we certainly can have different personalities. We all have a place in the body and within our families serving a much greater purpose that is far beyond ourselves. We absolutely are allowed to talk about things having a brain and opinion on various things. We do not have to just sit down and shut up. There are ways that we should avoid being though. There are many, many verses to prove that. None of what I share is from a perspective that I have it all together. I do not always do so well with these myself. None of us have it all together but I am striving to be more like our Messiah every day. When I fall short I want to be ready to repent, apologize, ask for forgiveness, dust myself off, and strive to do better and build His character within me. That should be part of our daily goals. I pray you have a blessed rest of week and Shabbat. Until next time

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