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New podcast and YouTube video up, plus a few questions for tips and strategies

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Greetings again from a pretty lovely day here! I just sent out my next newsletter email out this evening. They are getting easier for me. I love making them. The hope is to get them out more regularly. Don’t forget to sign up if you would like to be added. Feel free to share them and to encourage others to sign up if you think they would like them. Lots more to come. Be sure to get into the confirmation email and confirm subscription. Thank you for your support! You can sign up below or to the right of this post or you can email me at sharon@torahwoman.com , just be sure to tell me first name if choose and the email to send to. If you want the one I sent out and were not already signed up for, just email me and let me know.

Here is the link to my newest podcast- they can be found on various podcast platforms including Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

Women of strong Character podcast episode– Becoming a strong woman who is a force to reckon with. Ponder these questions and thoughts on what it means to have strong character. How we treat people matters. Don’t forget you can find me on social media so come on over and join me there too!


Here is the YouTube video of the episode


You can subscribe to the channel to not miss a beat.

I am still looking for these to be sent in to me. You can comment them here, use the contact form, directly to sharon@torahwoman.com or on social media. I am still gathering these for future posts. Thank you for contributions! I appreciate them, you and your support! Until next time!

Making a priority tips and etc
Encouragement and support
Tips also for moms of littles
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