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Focus on our Father, Not the mess

I am sitting here again today working my way through my craft room. This mess of yarn is currently on my lap as I slowly roll this mess into a ball. I used to despise having to do this and would quickly get frustrated and sometimes would not want to be bothered, not being willing to be patient with them. Now I actually enjoy doing it (mostly, I still have my moments I don’t want to).

I now find these times to be peaceful as I trust the process. Sometimes it is very easy and fast. Other times it takes a lot more.

I now view these messes very differently. This will get fixed and be neat. Makes me think of how the Father already has everything for us figured out. Sometimes we have to sit and be still. Sometimes we look at our “yarn vomit” in our lives and be so very perplexed. You know the amazing thing for us though? We don’t have to fix things on our own, the Father already has it figured out! Do we trust the process and trust Him? Focus on Him, NOT the mess before us.

(I posted this on my social media yesterday and wanted to here too)

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