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Sabbath Prep Tips

Hello and happy prep day! May you have a peaceful and blessed Sabbath!

We will all do this differently, here are a few tips I have thought about over the years. It isn’t about what we sometimes can make it out to be. The point isn’t to run around frazzled and miserable trying to clean all of our house on Fridays. AND it isn’t a competition either. Some weeks will be so very different than others and that is ok. Do what works for your family. If something doesn’t get done, odds are it is not that big of a deal and can wait. Check out other posts here on on Sabbath prep, Sabbath, as well as one on Our kids and the Sabbath- it is for them too and not only for the adults. May you all have a peaceful and good Sabbath 🙌🏼

Oh it is good to be glad and rejoice!
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