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Major Website Revamp and a new FaceBook Group

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Hey, hey, hey everyone! The last couple of days I have had a few things going on. I am pretty excited to share them. I have finally figured out some things for my website and I have done some major overhauling of it, at least it is to me LOL. Just like the homepage says, please let me know if a link is not working or you can not find something. I have already done a lot to it but have more I will be doing. I never thought I would actually enjoy things like this but it is getting more and more so.

So please take a look around and I hope the changes blesses you too.

On to the next thing, Now this book is not needed at all for what I am sharing about. One of my favorite books is a home and family management guide. How Does SHE Manage By Yael Wiesner. Inside you find topics ranging from meal planning, laundry, running errands, organization, Sabbath prep, hospitality, plus many more topics that is in our day to day and not so day to day. It is not like the typical book you would think for these topics. Two things I love the most about it that it has all kinds of things in it related to Sabbath, Holy Days and Feasts and lots and lots of other things as well as actually being designed as a conversation between friends. Afterall, it came from conversations she had with other ladies. It also encourages other women to do the same.

It is not a do this or do that, no, not at all. In fact the whole point of it is to figure out what works for you, your family and your unique style and personality. Ladies share their struggles, strengths, advice and ideas, plus so much more. Encouraging, uplifting and walking alongside our sisters in this life is just so wonderful. We have all been there it seems with feeling like we just won’t ever do things as well as others. We all have our area of strengths and weaknesses when it comes to managing our homes, lives and families. This is not at all about doctrine or anything like that.

It can be a lot of fun bouncing ideas off of others and seeing other personalities having a good time sharing what works for them. I’m sure we all have our tasks we absolutely love to do and others we absolutely dread. One may excel at something another just can’t seem to get a handle on. And that is ok! Wonderful times to uplift and encourage and share what works for us or ideas for maybe something to try. You can try things or if it doesn’t fit your personality, just don’t do that then. It is about making things work for you and your family. We are all different and do not have to be the same in our personalities or approaches.

If this sounds like something of interest to you, check out my new group on facebook. It is just getting started and is a place to share ideas, ask questions and share what works for us relating to managing home, fitting in Bible Study and prayer better and etc. No doctrine or other types of things in this group. We all will have different ways we walk our faith out but we can sure help out and encourage each other.

If this sounds like something you would enjoy you can find the private group Here .

There are only a handful of “rules” and is only meant for sharing and discussion surrounding the groups purpose for encouragement, sharing and the like. That’s all I ask and it already is fun and nice.

Please remember it is still new and coming together. It is not meant to copy the book or follow along with it. It has some great content and ideas and those who have the book will probably reference it and share from it but it really is not necessary to participate.

At some point I hope to do another method to do this too so for now it is only on Facebook. I will update as that comes together later on for plans, Yah willing.

Well, until next time and I hope you have a blessed week!

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