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Homesteading Hints Book Review and Chat with author SK Fox

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I had the pleasure of reading this book and then having the opportunity to have a chat with the author! This 58 page book is sure to keep the interest of those who are looking at it with even just the slightest curiosity of what is inside it.

Whether you have a large homestead, are an urban gardener, considering trying to homestead in the future or no idea where to begin, this book is for you! Tucked into it’s pages is a wealth of knowledge, ideas and thoughts shared with readers. As one turns the pages, confidence to go ahead and seriously give it a go as little or a big as would like has the potential to grow tremendously.

I personally enjoyed this book and learned a lot. There have been many thoughts and questions I have had about these very topics and I felt like it truly gives wonderful, clear and realistic guidance on planning and moving forward with whatever goals may have.

This no nonsense, well written book that is not intimidating- covers so much more than someone may even consider. This book helps give a hope to those who also may not have an abundance of excess funds and gives realistic ideas to make even a little bit of this a reality pretty much wherever you may be.

It covers a tremendous amount without overwhelming you with information. Here is the table of contents so you can see all the topics within it. There are some great charts in it as well.

  • Before you start homesteading
  • The land
  • Your little slice of Heaven
  • The cheapest homesteading options
  • Moving
  • Animals
  • Gardening
  • A way to organize your homesteading life
  • Food basics for the homesteader
  • Machines vs Manpower
  • Vehicle
  • Extras
  • And finally… 25 Homesteading Hints

You can purchase the book here and see some more about its description.

Take some time and watch or listen below to the chat she and I recorded together some weeks ago. It was a lot of fun and we talked about many many things related to her book and a few other things as well. So if your interest is peaked, come and join us. It is rather long and the link will take you to the live chat we had.

Watch video interview/chat here

Thank you for joining me in my little corner of the internet today! I hope this has blessed you. Until next time!

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