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  • Roasted potatoes recipe

    Welcome to this weeks Sumptuous Sunday entry. Potatoes are loved in our home. I found this recipe last year on chabad app I have and we quite enjoy it. It is flavorful and a wonderful side dish that goes with many other foods. As always I would love to hear from you and also receive… Read more

  • Sabbath prep tips and Memory Verse Craft fun

    Sabbath prep tips and Memory Verse Craft fun

    Hey sweet ladies! I pray you will have a truly productive and peaceful prep day! Welcome to my first Forethought Friday post! I hope it is helpful and that you and the kiddos give the craft fun ideas a try! You would think that when you have been prepping for Shabbat for so long that… Read more

  • Staying in date night idea with your hunny

    Hello sweet sisters! We know that making our marriage a priority and taking the time to connect with our spouse is quite important. I would like to give an idea that you may already do. These types of dates have become common place for us. I REALLY love what one of our last little date… Read more

  • Yah Reigns!

    Hi there ladies! Here is this weeks Thoughtful Tuesday image. This week is a verse image, that wont always be the case and will vary 😁❤ What a beautiful and powerful verse. YAH REIGNS! Let us REJOICE! Read more

  • Matthew 6:33

    Hi ladies. Here is the first Memory Monday verse. I believe this is foundational. Everything we do should be focused on the Kingdom and His righteousness and seeking that first in our lives. If we do that, He will take care of all our needs for us that is in verses 25-31. Verse 32 points… Read more

  • Broccoli Delight Salad Recipe

    Hi ladies! Weekly Round Up starts NOW! I am so excited and hope it blesses you. May you have a truly wonderful week. If anything pops up and I miss a day here and there I will upload as soon as can. Sumptuous Sunday Recipe Below Woot Woot Food is a good way to serve… Read more

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