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  • Leftovers should be for dinner, not given to our husband

    Good morning ladies. I hope you have an amazing prep day! Today, I would like to pose some questions and maybe provoke some deeper thinking. There are some leftovers that are pleasing to the palette. Some taste and look better than others. Sometimes we plan them and look forward to enjoying it. Sometimes though, when… Read more

  • Not the days of chaos

    These days I am thinking about when my children were littles. They are almost 14 and 18 now. I miss them being so tiny! Watching them grow has been a privilege and honor. I never thought I would miss the waking up in the middle of the night, dirty dishes, toys all over the floor,… Read more

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Women seeking His Kingdom. Find inspiring, uplifting, encouraging and thought provoking things to consider for living out Biblical Womanhood. You will also find book reviews and chats with authors and others that I have had the privilege to talk with.


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