Daily Psalm and Proverb Reading

Daily Psalm and Proverb Reading

This is one of my favorite ways to prioritize getting His word in. This is a reading plan that covers 30 days. In a years time, you can potentially read these two books a dozen times! I hope these videos are a blessing to you!

I will be adding these here as I do them daily. You can subscribe to my channel so you keep updated on uploads.

The playlist can be found in link below


Below are the individual videos

Psalms 1-9, Proverb 1-2
Psalms 10-17, Proverb 3
Psalms 18-22, Proverb 4
Psalms 23-28, Proverb 5
Psalms 29-34, Proverb 6
Psalms 35-38, Proverb 7
Psalm 39-43, Proverb 8
Psalms 44-48, Proverbs 9
Psalms 49-54, Proverbs 10
Psalms 55-59, Proverbs 11
Psalms 60-65, Proverbs 12
Psalms 66-68, Proverbs 13
Psalms 69-71, Proverbs 14
Psalms 72-76, Proverbs 15
Psalms 77-78, Proverbs 16
Psalms 79-82, Proverbs 17
Psalms 83-87, Proverbs 18
Psalms 88-89, Proverbs 19

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