Children’s Bible Study Kit


Children’s Bible study Kit

(Both parts of the flash cards and topics in this)

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This is a large set that has the following below

This is both parts of kit that are sold individually in my shop.

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Foam Flash Cards

This is a handmade 54 memory verse flash card set. It matches the weekly memory verses in the Homeschooling Torah curriculum. The cards are 1/8 inch thick and 4″X5.5″. The verses are printed out on card stock and attached to the foam sheets. Colors may vary for each set.

Bible Study Topics Sets

Bible study topics sets that have felt pieces and a matching foam sheet card. (The foam sheet cards have card-stock printed on and attached to it)


Felt pieces 4.5″X2″

Foam Sheet Topic and Torah Portion Card 5.5″X4″

Large Foam Sheet Topic Card for Bible Study Words 8.5″X5.5″

Large felt sheet to make your own felt board 18″X15″

Topics Included

Torah Portion (card only)

Books of the Bible

Bible Study Word list

Days of Creation

Fruit of the Spirit and Their Opposites

Sons/Tribes of Israel

Holy Days and Feasts

The Ten Commandments

The Ten Plagues


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