Hi! My name is Sharon and I am a Torah believing woman who follows Yeshua/Jesus. I am a whole Bible believer. We are a Sabbath keeping family who observes His appointed times. Women need Titus 2 women in their lives and this is what I strive to be. I am a wife of 20 years and a mom to two teenagers. I love to walk His way while trying to encourage, uplift and help others think deeper to better our lives and relationships. Here you will also find a wide range of topics including marriage, family, housekeeping, Sabbath prep and observance, Bible study and prayer, recipes, memory scripture, family fun and date night ideas and all kinds of things to think on to better serve Yah/God, others and grow ourselves.

I know what it is like to not have women to help you grow or challenge you to do better. Perhaps a lot of headaches, heartbreak and discouraging moments could have been prevented if I had truly Godly Titus 2 women in my life all those years ago. Who knows , the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak. If I can help even one women avoid any of the mistakes I made or things I learned the hard way, that would be amazing! Much of where I am now is just experience and learning better ways to be or handle things.

I have had a lot of bumps a long the way and made many mistakes. I have my moments still where I fall flat on my face. Just like Paul wrote about for himself, I fully admit that I do things I know I shouldn’t sometimes . I really do want to succeed and always make the best choices. Boy does that get frustrating. It is painful at times. Growing pains hurt. Sigh. Like everyone else, I do not have it all together and never claim to have all the answers. One day we won’t have the hard days or difficulties fighting our flesh. Boy won’t that be glorious?!

Finding Titus 2 ladies to help each other on our walk is simply amazing. I appreciate and value deeply the Godly women whom Yah has placed in my life as well.

Shout out and a huge thank you to all the ladies who have given encouragement, help and guidance. I appreciate all of you tremendously!

I can also be found on Facebook , The Torah Network (TTN) ,Telegram, Pinterest, Patreon, Instagram, Spotify and anchor.fm, YouTube, so you can join me on those platforms too 🙂

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